write with blocks

To begin with, don’t wait until you have the whole picture to write. It’ll come together. It always does. It’ll all make sense in the end.

I wrote this when I was preparing for a short webinar. We were asked to submit at least one topic and show the team how we grow through it. Me, obviously, popped up a light bulb of how to write effectively, even when you just wish you can mù chữ for a while.

I swear to God, 10 minutes ago, I was all like, “Maybe I should just go teach people how to fit in with humankind as an anti-social”

So, how to detect the inevitable roadblocks?

The Affection of Mood

This shit happens all the time, so note down the idea as fast as possible. It might not be there when you got back from dropping a deuce. Don’t postpone the ideas. They exist for a reason. People tend to start with idea-generating. But no, ideas got generated as you write. “Keeping it until you get a full sentence” is an illusion. In fact, it kills your concept and replaces it with procrastination (which I sometimes do, but we’ll get there later).

The Messed up Workflow

The ideas are there, but you have no clue how to turn them into paragraphs. Which sentence should be put first. Why is this one too wordy.

My advice? Write. Edit. Polish. No good writing comes from a one-time draft. Actually, it still does, you’re just not that lucky.

Write drunk, edit sober | peter de vries

The “I’m not sure people will read it.”

i.e., the fear of rejection. Here’s the funny thing

a. If they like you: Ofc they will spend time reading

b. If they don’t: They’ll crave for whatever you split out. Don’t ask me why. That’s just how stalkers operate.