what covid taught us, or me.

remember that time when we first heard of that pinkie virus? I find it hard to unsee the meme of that guy closing his eyes in March and opening in December.

so here it is.

what covid leave us with?

your value doesn’t come with the work. It comes within you.

I’ve witnessed not one, not two, but nearly ten cases who transitted from their nine-to-five job to another career. some took a turn in making grab & go food, some went for online retails, others chose to freelance. One way or another, either they make a profit, or they make themselves happy.

cut to the chase

when things are shifted from real-life experience onto internet-based, not much remains the same. It takes more than endless messages. I learned how quickly an inbox can fill up. sorting things out and pick out the key message sometimes can be the hardest shit ever.

we don’t really need interaction. we need the vibe.

running things remotely isn’t that scary if you know what to do, who to talk with, and where to head to. yep I know human’s basic need is communication. but we have more options than going verbal. texting is fine. telepathy works with me sometimes.

we all wish we have more time. now what?

there comes the point when Netflix can no longer ease the mood. entertainment only entertains us in terms of blowing up some steam. when it’s the only thing you do in a day, trust me, you’ll miss the time when the work is overloaded. my best guess/ resolution/ tips? getting back to the things you’ve left open. a sketch painting. a dish you’ve printed out the recipe but never had the chance to cook. a language you aim to master, yet the closest you’ve done is a basic hello. getting rid of the redundants, I mean both the stuff and the people in your life.

or just go to sleep.

saving is a must

you know I’m right. there’s no discussion here.