turning passion into fulltime job

activities you love have nothing to do with how you’re naturally wired to excel. habitually, people confuse what they’re passionate about with the talents they’ve been born with. but no. things don’t work that way.

or maybe they do. you’re just not that lucky.

anyhoo, as someone likely to flop at things, I understand how hard it was to see the things you love turns into what you refuse to touch.

it becomes, well, work

once you monetize what you do best, it becomes a pitch that drives your focus into a sale funnel. I’m not saying it’s a wrong path to go, but soon you’ll realize everything you do revolves around the force. the work is done because you have to, not because you did it out of passion.

I once managed to become a food content creator. test my own recipes. setup food props. making background. shooting stunning shots. then blogging recap literally a life I’ve been dreaming of.

until I wake up every day wondering how the f I can make a dish out of asparagus, red radish, egg tofu and low-carb rice crackers.

criticism is hard

your project becomes your baby, and no one wants other people to tell us how to raise our baby. taking criticism on the work you love may sound harsh sometimes. feelings like that won’t happen if you do it as a habit out of work. in fact, it leaves you with the question: have I ever really good at this?

many people end up losing their motivation when the going gets rough and the thing they initially loved becomes a reminder of their failures.

passion can’t pay bills

people sometimes will encourage you to follow your dream and stop doing what you’re tolerating. but that’s the case if you’re not driven by money. no social responsibility. no bills to pay. no one to take care of.

you risk losing the enjoyable element that made you fall in love with it in the first place. my advice? don’t. if it’s what you love to do, let it be something to hold on to for the bad days.

still considering? try this 2-step example

  1. pick your all-time favourite song
  2. use it as your alarm ringtone

you’re welcome.