SRE and spin-off

not much of this can be found in typical companies. normally, the work falls for DevOps once it comes to deployment and integration. so “what’s a day of an SRE will likely be?”, I wonder.

as far as I’m concerned, It’s the next level of DevOps. something infrastructure-related. something heavy on operations and maintenance.

took me a few days, and more energy to crawl over the internets to generally catch up on what they’ve been explaining.

I think the most important part lies in reliability - making the infras reliable. It means the site can be counted on and robust enough to support the development. Ensure the solidity of the site. Making sure the system is ready for developers to commit and deploy their work. Monitoring the server health and the upgrade process. It’s hard to say what’s next in a day of an SRE. It can be updating, reconfiguring, troubleshooting or setting up the integration. Dealing with technical issues means not every day is the same, and that might be the fun part.

one thing to take away: they make sure other’s work flows effectively. no incident. no roadblock. they make people’s day easier.

that’s what comes to my mind so far. the curtains revealed a bit and somehow shined a lightbulb that makes me wonder how MY DAY went down lately. face it, we all bump into this at some point in life.

  • tìm động lực sống

  • pha cafe

  • cầu nguyện cafe hoạt động theo cách tôi cần. nói đến đây người khác sẽ nghĩ là sự tỉnh táo nhưng tôi thì không. tôi cần một thứ thiết thực hơn. tôi cần đi ỉa.

  • ngồi vào bàn và gửi những chiếc meme trù dập sự đi làm với đồng nghiệp

  • check task list lần 1

  • trả lời tin nhắn đồng nghiệp về meme

  • ăn trưa

  • refresh fb/ig để tìm meme mới

  • check task list lần 2

  • tự nghĩ ra những chiếc meme/ content nhảm lol

  • tri ân bản thân vì sự hài hước

  • share những chiếc meme/ content nhảm lol cho đồng nghiệp. cân nhắc up fb/ig nếu là idea tiềm năng có tương tác cao

  • check task list lần 3

  • bàng hoàng vì vẫn chưa làm được cái mẹ gì

  • check lại lần 4 cho chắc

  • khóc

and apparently, I do need an SRE for my life lmao how come the workflow can be this flop.