setting alias website

I purposely capitalise some proper nouns.

having multiple websites has become a thing. there comes the point where you want to put them all under one slug. because you’re an OCD mf with alias disorder.

but first, let me go through the Notion-based websites I’ve been playing with lately:

I first interacted with Notion in 2018. the fact that its reader-support UI (like Medium) is what makes writers like me get hooked. let’s be frank, the speed. using blocks for data structuring is the highlight of Notion. basic knowledge in drag and drop, and you’re good to go.

I love how Notion honors the simplicity of touch and feel. but I rage how their long and cluttered URLs disgrace that spirit. Imagine telling people “hey check out my Notion page, just simply log in at notion.so987653456789anbcysydfj”.

I wasn’t programmed to talk that much. in fact, no one should.

before Notion, there was a Wordpress-based blog. don’t let me start on the rendering speed. I admire myself for being that patient back then. it was horrible. ^that’s a fact. but that wasn’t fun. pardon my mean personality.

surrounded by tech people urges me to do things fast. or at least, hassle-free. being consistent when you can. remove the redundancy, while you still can. give people the least action. face it, we’re all lazy half-ass.

that leads me to Cloudflare. by adding sites and forwarding URLs, I get the ability to unite them under one domain, and enable myself to freely add any slug I’m keen on.

It’s a simple process (thank god):

  1. make sure your domain is yours. i.e, legitimately purchase them. I got mine from Namecheap. you can either choose it, Google Domain or GoDaddy.

  2. create a Cloudflare account

  3. change domain name server to Cloudflare. It doesn’t change where your domain is hosted. It even gives you another protection layer with analytics metrics.

  4. open dash.cloudflare. select Rules tab on the menu bar.

  5. create Page Rules: paste the site you wish to redirect. pick the forwarding URL setting. choose the 301-permanent status code. add the slug you want.

  6. open the new tab. type in your new URL. spread your soul with satisfaction.

lemme introduce y’all the new list ✔️

🏷 If you plan on having more than 3 pages, prepare a budget. 3 page rules is the furthest I can go with this free plan. #brokeassalert