1, 2 and 3

ofc nothing starts with 3 as the first version. before the term Web 3 appears, we’ve surpassed the Web 1 and currently in Web 2.


What is Web 1

the static & personal websites

It’s the kickoff of World Wide Web evolution. company sites, personal blog consisting mainly static pages that serves only one goal: Showcase Information.

as people know more, they feel the urge to express. that moves us to Web 2 - where the internet focuses more on their user (participative social web)

Web 2 is built on the concept where user can actively share their content. websites are developed with user-centric, smooth UX, catchy UI, and whenever a product idea comes up, the first question is: Who are we building this for?

Web 2 is designed to interact with the end user.

User then start to contribute more of their grasp, including perspectives, opinions, thoughts, experiences. they’re empower to use the internet with all they’ve got. It’s the era of social medias, and, unfortunately, cyber-bully, dark web & data exploitation.

Then user moves closer to the cloud - where data is distributed everywhere to conveniently internet usage. ever feels comfortable signing up to different service using Facebook, Google or Apple accounts?

The truth behind those 1-click action is the underlying issue of data storage. Web 3 improves the user experience by optimizing the provided data

The definition of Web 3 remains a mystery.

It took the world nearly 10 years to move from Web 1 to Web 2, it’s reasonable to give Web 3 that kind of time. However, if there’s one certain about Web 3 - it’s the ability to connect things depsite their physical status.

  • in Web 1: service providers give end users the information

  • in Web 2: service providers allow end users to interact

  • in Web 3: service providers have no control over end users

so how can that happen, you ask?

believe me I’ve been asking myself that for weeks. morever, how Web 3 is supposed to change our lives, and why doesn’t until now that Web 3 is mentioned, with the hype of Bitcoin & Blockchain?

My grasp is limited, so here it is, for the sake of the knowledge sharing, Imma share what I find understandable.

Web 3 is about decentralize things

  • No 3rd party: In the context of decentralized platform, anyone who’s on the internet can use the service without compromising any type of data

  • Permission-less: You basically need no permission to use any product. Any change must be discussed with the community. Decisions are made through voting and DAO mechanism.

this led us to the Open Internet

see how DAO works: https://www.duynglam.com/posts/dao/

and can you please do some research on how blockchain-based network is made? Im a bit lazy here. thank you for reading, you’re welcome to leave.