the direction of moving

source: Move fast, but understand the problem first (

IMHO, move fast somehow does collide with think clear. but the point I select out from this is doing while you’re thinking. It’s a simultaneous process.

It’s the same with agile-ish (I guess) - do, test, modify, and do it again. spending too much time fine-tuning something may prevent us from doing what we should have done earlier. maybe being proactive is all about doing a bit more up-front work to predict (or, prefetch) the potential scenarios and better prepare the plan B if things go south.

once you know what to do, you know what the priorities are. we know better, then we do better. thanks, Maya Angelou.

another opinion from HN is be mindful of your learning rate. a solid point, to be honest.

during my time of sculpting new knowledge into the system, some days, I lost track. when I trace back the root cause, it’s because I have no fucking clue why I do this.

surprise clap

that’s the downside of starting things off with no specific goals. I don’t know about others (or care, for that matter), but go with the flow doesn’t necessarily accurate once we start dipping the toes to something new. no goal = no consistency. end of story.

getting back to the move fast concept. I guess the moral lies in the direction of moving. we can move fast in either way. doing without thinking means you’re moving horizontally. but doing with the thinking? bruh, vertically up.