learning data as a writer - #1

I know, sounds unreasonable. Why on earth should I immerse myself in mathematics while words and sentences are my bread & butter?

But working for a while, especially from an operation perspective, sooner or later, we’ll all face a mutual obstacle: Data management.

It wasn’t a consistent journey, I gotta admit. I reached out to one of my co-workers for 1 hour of his day, three times a week. Learning data means we get to arrange information logically and generate the relationship lies within. In other terms, math, numbers, value, formula, and everything in between. In short, goosebump.

The first week was spent on object and attribute. After 2 hours of explanation, which included 30 non-interrupted minutes of roasting each other, I managed to define the correct object and its attributes. I picked up db.diagram for the next thing: Creating an ERP diagram, i.e., linking every attribute and make sure they help visualize the connection of those mfs.

And there it is. The battle of distinguishing relationship types. Who knows it would be this mind-blown when it comes to one-one, many to many, one to many and vice versa?

Stay tuned for my next struggle.