fierce nerds aren't fierce

source: paul-graham/fierce-nerd

nerds looks fiece because they were observe by the ordinary, in ordinary situations.

but those ‘fierce’ ones form a solid group - a group with personal competition and yet, more powerful.

given that, overconfidence can sometimes be in their young blood. the link between nerdiness and independent-mindness is a mirage. In fact, it supports each other. because nerds give no shit on what people think, and nerd believe in their instinct, in what they found reasonable and most importantly, accurate.

that’s why they feel awkward staying in the crowd, full of conventional beliefs. they weren’t born to fit in.

they might head to 2 solutions a. shove the awkwardness down to the throat and stay put b. seek out for communities that embrace the right answer more than social harmony.

since the dawn time, nerds have been forced to live in normal context and for so, they’d figured to be ‘weird’ rather than ‘outstanding’. It’s hard to blame them. how many times have you seen a nerd in the back of your class, zoning out the window, glasses on, and explains to you how electric was created?

so if you find yourself staying outside of the game. It’s simply because that’s not your game. fierce nerd aren’t fierce. the situations are.

and the best part of being a weirdo? you meet and connect to people who think like you. not the mundane interests like sports and drinking choices. but they judge and analyze problems the same way you do. that’s pretty awesome.