cloud, monorepo and eli5

so I got to recap a short news on GCP today

It was about a guy who explained his distrust of google cloud and preferred other cloud providers.

ok so first thing first, in case you’re from one of my acquaintance and have no idea wtf cloud provider means

A cloud provider is a third-party company offering a cloud-based platform, infrastructure, application, or storage services. ever wonder why you can edit, share and send docs, excel, and other suits online? It’s because we (I mean on behalf of the developers) store all those shit on a ‘cloud’ server. it can’t be touched (obvs), can’t be interrupted (I hope not), and definitely can carry a lot more than your teeny tiny local server aka computer.

this has nothing to do with what my title is about, but it’s somehow related. and I kinda wanna brag about it since this time last year, I can’t even distinguish between cloud servers and local servers.

back to the article. the blog referred to a link of Hackernews, where there’s a debate between people who used to work at Google discussed over the good and bad signs of mono repos. Imma just leave the link here, and you all can have your own point of view. (HN:

but me, actually me and my fav colleague, aka the duo bro, aka the adult who can’t eyedrop himself until 26, are both agree on one thing, mono repo sucks.

and I guess this is a good time to brag about what mono repo is.

mono repo is a single repository (where mono means alone, and ofc you should know what repo stands for). to sum up, a monorepo is a single repo that stores all the source code and assets for every project. yes, you read it right, every project. in one repo.

I know for most of the times, concise equals to comfy. but no, not in this case.

using mono repo means the source code always stays in the active mode. it means whenever we build one source code, the others get built also. even when it has nothing to update.

I didn’t get the meaning at first. until it was rephrased into this example.

imagine you rent a place with 3 roommates. whenever you have a duty call from the wc, you have to drag all these 3 mfs with you. now tell me, is this convenient or annoying?

I know. such a way of eli5.


eli5 stands for explain like I’m 5 - a simple term for a method of explaining things as easily as possible.